Kalev Estienne Rhythmic Gymnastics is a non-profit organization and is an affiliated member of Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada. Having been founded in 1951, it is the oldest and largest school of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Canada. With a lasting and prestigious legacy, Kalev is directly affiliated with multiple contributions to the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics both nationally and internationally. 


Kalev Estienne Rhythmic Gymnastics Centres offers a wide variety of rhythmic gymnastics training for all ages. With developmental programs for young children (4-6 years) and children (7-9 years), as well as programs for young teens (10-12 years) and teens (13 and up), we train youth of various groups based off age and ability. Participants develop balance, flexibility, coordination, and motor skill strength in a fun and stimulating environment. 



Rhythmic gymnastics in Canada simply would't exist if it weren't for the efforts of Evelyn Koop. Known as "The Godmother" of the sport in Canada, Evelyn is recognized as being the one who actually brought the sport to North America and fostered its growth nation wide. 

EVELYN KOOP AND KALEV ESTIENNE RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS CENRTRES. Evelyn Koop founded Kalev Estienne Rhythmic Gymnastics Centres and has been working hard ever since to build its legacy as one of Canada's most prominent Rhythmic Gymnastics Centres. Having taught Rhythmic Gymnastics at the University of Toronto, McMaster University, McGill University, she is considered a foremost authority on the sport. She has also written books about the sport itself, has created instruction manuals on how to judge it, and has even developed technical manuscripts, by-laws, and constitutions around it.  

Evelyn Koop has been honoured with:

  Image of Kalev founder Evelyn Koop, taken by Shelley A. Hassard

Image of Kalev founder Evelyn Koop, taken by Shelley A. Hassard

  • The Governor General's Award (1968)
  • Government of Ontario Achievement Award (1971), (1972), (1974)
  • Ontario Place Award (1972
  • Finland's Women's Sports Awards (1974)
  • The Queen Elizabeth 25th Jubilee Award (1977)
  • Air Canada Sports Executive of the Year award (1977)
  • The FIG Medal for Achievement from China (1978)
  • Gymnastics Ontario Life Member (1980)
  • Gymnastics Canada Life Member (1982
  • Gymnastics Ontario Key Builder Award (1991)
  • The FIG Honorary Diploma (1998)
  • Sports Federation Award (1998)
  • Gymnastics Canada Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Awards (2006)
    Since renamed the 'Evelyn Koop Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Award' 
  • A Presidential award from Estonia (2007)
  • Ontario Government Volunteer Service Award (2007)
  • The Russian Federation Award (2008).


  • The first Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team (1971) consisted of Kalev members Connie Lindenberger, Melanie Ivey and Susanne Mihkelson. 
  • The use of ribbon grew out of China! 
  • Rhythmic gymnastics was original for both men and women.