Dear Mrs . Koop,

Greeting and heart felt thank you from Denmark from all the people here and parents back in Toronto

We want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to come to Copenhagen to compete at Easter Cup . It was a great experience and Eye opener for our girls . They had a remarkable experience in participating in this wonderful event .

Valeria was excellent in coaching them and the girls have made significant progress. Valeria was very attentive and correcting them and helping them to improve. She and girls got along very well . The result is evident in such short time .

Thank you , Mrs. Koop again for every thing you have done for us and we are looking forward to participate more of the events like this.

Thank you again

Best regards


"None of us would be here if it weren't for Evelyn Koop and Kalev. Her club was always at the top, and it always will be, because of Evelyn. She is the one to bring the best coaches to Canada, the first to organize a federation here and the championships. She has devoted her whole life to fight for the sport and for Canada."  - Madame Ivanka Tchakarova


"The troupe gave two public performances to full houses at the Workers' Stadium (capacity 15,000) and the Peking Indoor Stadium (capacity 6,000). They also conducted a series of seminars and practices for gymnastics instructors and coaches. Both on and off the gymnasium floor, the troupe served as excellent unofficial emissaries of Canadian youth. The Chinese audiences' reaction to their performances began with initial puzzlement, then growing enjoyment and finally sincere appreciation. Their visit here has been a success both from a public relations and professional gymnastics standpoint and I would be glad if you would convey my congratulations to Mrs. Koop and the other officials of the Kalev Estienne Troupe." Canadian Ambassador to China, Arthur Menzies, 1978

"Sixty-five years of organizing rhythmic gymnastics and promoting it to a receptive public is an astounding achievement. Evelyn Koop has been the prime energizer and motivator in the growth of this sport for over six decades.This is a phenomenal contribution within Canada’s massive sports world. Evelyn has also had a significant international influence and has been recognized for her role in the development of this beautiful sport worldwide.  This weekend, during the Koop Cup competition, we are aware not only of the longevity of Evelyn’s achievements but also of the excellence of the competitors under the tutelage of the Kalev Estienne organization. The club, with Evelyn at its helm, has been a home for many who have gained domestic as well as international laurels for their talent and acquired ability. The government of the Republic of Estonia is indeed proud of Evelyn Koop who is an outstanding Canadian but still undeniably linked to her Estonian heritage. It is widely recognized that Estonians brought the sport of rhythmic gymnastics to Canada and helped to nurture it to its current popular standing. The Republic of Estonia extends its heartiest congratulations to Evelyn Koop for her vitality, stamina and talent. Estonia also wishes Kalev Estienne a successful future brimming with winners." - Laas Leivat, Hon. Consul General for the Republic of Estonia