Photo by: Raul Kling

Photo by: Raul Kling


1951 - 59
During its first decade, Kalev was active mainly within the Estonian community in Toronto but also performed as follows:

- Performed at Alan Lund's show at the CNE Grandstand

- Travelled and gave seminars to YMCA and YWCA coaches

- Performed gymnastics demonstrations and folk dances in Toronto
- Performed gymnastics demonstrations in Toronto schools

- Participated in "Cavalcade" and at a YMCA performance together with the Tiidus' group
- Presented Ladies' Fitness performances in three high schools

- Participated in "Cavalcade" in Toronto
- Demonstrated fitness at the "Top Hat Club" and on CBC TV

- Demonstration at the Palace Pier in Toronto
- Held a seminar in Ajax

- Was the subject of an article in the Montreal Star: "How to keep fit"

- Participated in the Esto World Festival and a folk dance festival in Toronto
- Demonstrated at Central Technical School
- Was featured in The International Gymnast Magazine, they had a story about Kalev in three issues
- The National Film Board made a production on Kalev

- Demonstrated in Cleveland, Ohio

- Participated in the Estonian Festival and other sports events in Toronto, e.g. at Varsity Arena and the CNE
- Performed at Bloor Collegiate
- Performed at the Toronto Police Games

- Held several school board seminars in Ontario
- Performed al Bloor Collegiate Institute, Shadow Lake and Sportsman's Show
- CBC TV broadcasted show about Kalev nationally

- Performed at Bloor Collegiate Institute
- Shadow Lake
- Sportsman's Show (this became a regular event for Kalev)
- Another CBC national show

- Performed at Lakewood, New Jersey

- Performed at Festival of Lights at Maple Leaf Gardens
- Performed at Varsity Stadium and at All National Fair
- Canada Magazine featured Kalev
- Evelyn Koop and Ingrid Saar produced the Estonian Festival in New York

- Participated at the World Expo in New York, in the ceremonies for the opening of the new Toronto City Hall, and toured Canada and the US
- Canada (Represented by Kalev Estienne) participated for the first time in a World Gymnaestrada, in Vienna, Austria
- Demonstrated the sport at the Canadian Gymnastics Championships
- Performed at IBM, Ryerson Polytech. and Black Creek Pioneer Village

- Toured San Francisco and Los Angeles
- Performed in Ottawa on Canada Day
- Demonstrated for the Ontario Ministry of Education and their educational conference
- Demonstrated in Gwillimbury
- Performed at the CNE Grandstand and the Canadian Gymnastic Championships

- Gave fifty Centennial Year performances at Expo 67 (was televised), performed on Canada Day at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and gave a command performance for Princess Anne  
- Performed in Buffalo, N.Y. and at the CNE Grandstand. Also at a Yoga conference and at the Centennial Showcase in Toronto, at Canada Day in Ottawa, and in Detroit
- The National Film Board documented Kalev's performance in Niagara Falls
- Demonstrated in Hamilton and in Ottawa schools
- Montreal Gazette had a newspaper story about Kalev

- Three extensive tours of performances and seminars to all the Canadian Provinces and to California
- Performed a command performance for Queen Elizabeth
- Performed at the Olympic Games in Mexico City
- Performed at International Caravan, at Metro Caravan, at Grey Cup (Ottawa), at Baltic Federation, in Sault Ste. Marie, In Ottawa for the Governor General, for the Board of Trade conference and the CNE Grandstand.

- Canada was represented for the first time at a World Gymnaestrada (inSwitzerland) by Kalev Estienne 
- Toured Holland, Germany and Spain
- Performed at Metro Caravan and CNE Grandstand
- Gave seminar to the St. Catharines' school board

- Performed at the opening ceremonies of the World Exposition in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka)
- Performed at CNE Sports Day, Metro Caravan and the Canadian National Gymnastics Championships

Kalev 's Susanne Mihkelson, Connie Lindenberger and Melanie Ivey competed at the World Championships in Cuba, and the Senior group placed 8th - forming the first Canadian team to the RG Worlds!
- The Senior Elite participated in the opening ceremonies of Ontario Place and received a participation award
- Gave other performances at City Hall, at St. Lawrence Centre, at a Canadian Tire Convention, at a Western Fair, on Canada Day in Ottawa, at United Nations Day in Hamilton, and in Sault Ste Marie
- Toured California (L.A. and San Fransisco) and performed in Detroit and Buffalo, and in Vancouver
- Made another fitness film for CBC

- Kalev's Shirley Lehtinen became Junior National Champion
- The Senior Elite performed at the Brazilian Army Olympics and at Esto '72 Festival of Lights at the CNE in Toronto. Also at Ontario Place, Caravan, the St. Lawrence Centre and the CNE
- Three Kalev gymnasts competed in the Bulgaria Invitational Meet
- Evelyn Koop lectured at Buffalo State University

- Denise Fujiwara, Senior National Champion, competed at the Worlds in Holland, as did Kalev 's Senior Group which placed 14th. They also competed in international competitions in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Germany
- Gave a fitness program and seminars at Seneca College
- Performed at Michigan University, Ontario Place, Caravan, CNE, and in St. Catharines (Ontario Gymnaestrada) 
- Evelyn Koop lectured at Rome University, Italy

- Shirley Lehtinen became the Canadian Senior National Champion for the second time
- The senior girls toured Finland, gave seminars and performed
- Evelyn Koop used a film, "Harmony in Motion", to demonstrate to a meeting of Phys. Ed. coordinators on why rhythmic gymnastics should be incorporated into the Physical Education programs of Canadian schools
- Performed at Rochester, N.Y., at Caravan, at the CNE Scottish Festival, Ontario Place, the Police Games (as usual) and the Winter Games.
- Canadian Weekly Magazine featured "Exercises by Kalev Estienne"

Kalev gymnasts were part of the Canadian Senior Group, which placed 4th at the Worlds in Spain  
 Kalev gymnasts also competed in Moscow, Romania and Bulgaria
- Shirley Lehtinen placed 13th and Denise Fujiwara 14th at the Worlds
- Mari Vähi became Senior National Champion and was on a CBC show
- The Senior Elite performed at the Berlin Gymnaestrada
- At the Berlin Gymnaestrada, Canada was represented by teams from Kalev Estienne, Quebec and Alberta. Kalev ranked among the top ten in the world
- The Canadian Ministry of Education incorporated RG into its program at its Leadership Development Camp
- Performed at the CNE, St. Lawrence Centre and Caravan
- Evelyn Koop gave lectures at an International conference on Physicla Education in Germany and in Finland for the National Health and Welfare. She also gave an M.G. course in New York

 Kalev demonstrated the sport at the the Olympic Games in Montreal, and also performed at the Special Olympics in Toronto, at American Bicentennial celebrations and at the Esto '76 Festival in Baltimore
- Other performances given were at Easton's Centre, at the Winter Games, and at the Maple Leaf Meet
- Gave seminars in in Wallaceburg, Sudbury, Sault St. Marie, Ottawa and Collingwood.

 Kalev and Arabesque gymnasts made up Canada's Senior Group, placing 8th at the Worlds in Switzerland. Shirley Lehtinen placed 15th at the Worlds
- The Junior Elite performed in Denmark
- Evelyn Koop published the book: "Basic Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics"
- She received the Air Canada Sports Executive of the Year Award.

 Kalev 's Senior Group won gold at the Nationals. 
- The Maple Leaf Invitational meet (later called Four Continents Championships) was founded by Evelyn Koop and hosted by Kalev
- The Senior Elite group visited China, Japan and Hong Kong.  Sold out at the Peking Workers' Gymnasium, which seats 15,000, and the Shanghai Stadium, seating 18,000
 - Later in the year, Evelyn Koop was invited to China to teach and was recognized as the one who introduced the sport to China 

- The combined  Kalev & Arabesque Senior Group, representing Canada at the Worlds in London, placed 7th
- Jana Lazor Senior National Champion again, 29th at the Worlds
- The Seniors performed at the Grey Cup festivities in Montreal, and for Princess Anne at the Sheraton Centre

- Jana Lazor, Senior National Champion, 3rd time! 
 Kalev performed in Finland to celebrate 80th years of gymnastics
- Participated at Four Continents Championships, in Brazil, and at ESTO in Stockholm.

- Performed at Grey Cup, Toronto, in the opening ceremonies for Ontario Place and at the Harbourfront Dance Festival
- The Senior Elite performed at the Tallinn Festival (Estonia); Harbourfront Dance Festival (Toronto); 100th birthday of the Federation of International Gymnastics (Cedar Valley)
- The Junior group were the National Champions.

- The Senior Elite competed in USA and Israel, and performed at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia
Kalev participated at the Gymnaestrada in Zurich, Switzerland
- Performances at Ontario Place, opening ceremonies for Special Olympics, at "Christmas Around the World" at North York City Centre, at Olympic Torch celebration at City Hall at the Ontario Gymnaestrada, and at an International Gymnaestrada in Herning, Denmark
- The Junior group became the National Champions once again.

Kalev's Adrienne Dunnett competed at the Worlds
- The Senior Elite travelled to San Francisco for the West Coast Estonian Festival, and to Israel, where the  Kalev group was chosen the 5th best rhythmic group in the world at the Hapoel Games
- Performed at the O’Keefe: Mary Kay Convention and at Caravan

- Participated in the Esto '84 World Festival, and also performed during the Pope's visit to Toronto
 Kalev 's Junior group won gold at the Nationals and Kalev's two Senior Groups got silver and bronze
Kalev 's Adrienne Dunnett was part of the Canadian Team to the Olympics in Los Angeles, where Lori Fung won gold

- Held a competitive and performance tour across Brazil
- The Senior elite spent two weeks performing at the Epcot Centre, Florida
- Performed at the opening ceremonies for the World Masters' Games
- Again, the Senior Group won silver at the Nationals
- Co-hosted and participated in the National Gymnaestrada
- Performed at Roy Thomson Hall and Ontario Place
- Evelyn Koop received the Governor General's award.

- Performed for the Chinese Sports Minister at the Sheraton Centre, and participated in the Expo '86 opening ceremonies at both the Ontario and Canada Pavillions. 
- Performed at the CNE.

-  Kalev 's Junior Group won gold at the Winter Games, the Provincials, the Coast-to-Coast AND at the Nationals. 
- Nicole Dervourst, became the Junior NationalChampion. 
- Vanessa Hii,  was the Novice Champion. 
- The Senior Elite performed at the opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics and at the World Gymnaestrada in Herning, Denmark; and Toronto City Hall for the Olympic Torch Celebrations.

 Kalev 'sSenior Group won gold at the Nationals. 
- The Senior Elite performed at the Lion's telethon for Seeing Eye Dogs; Beauty pageants for Miss Toronto and Miss Teen Mississauga; the National Gymnaestrada in Winnipeg; Metro Police Games at the CNE; International Women's Show at the Metro Convention Centre; Canada Day at City Hall; half-time show at Blizzard's soccer game at Varsity arena, at Ontario Place, and the opening ceremonies for the SPORT Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre.
- They also traveled to Australia and performed at ESTO World Festival there.

 Kalev 's Junior Group won silver at the Nationals, gold at the Provincials and Coast-to-Coast
- The independent York Rhythmics Club was created and began operations in Newmarket
- The Senior Elite performed at the opening ceremonies of the Skydome; Christmas at Black Creek Village; at Black Creek Pioneer Village banquet; many performances on the main stage of the Ontario Science Centre; performed at the opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics
- The Junior Elite performed at a Gymnaestrada in Denmark

- Performed at the opening of the Special Olympics, and the Junior Elite performed at promotional shows for holding the Olympic games in Toronto and did a half-time show at an Argo's game.
- The Senior Elite travelled to and performed in Hawaii. 
- Performed at the Hospital for Sick Children's Telethon; Baltic Walkathon at City Hall; Mary Kay Convention at the O'Keefe Centre; Christmas Show at Casa Loma; July 1 at City Hall; Caravan; Labour Day shows at the CNE; Canada Day celebrations at City Hall; Opening ceremonies for the new East York Civic Centre; and the the Junior Elite participated in National Gymnaestrada in Calgary, Alberta
- The independent club, Rhythmic Elite Centre, was founded.

- "World's Best" Gymnastics competition (the"Koop Cup") at the Varsity Arena, and "Parade of Stars" at the Metro Convention Centre marked Kalev 's 40th anniversary
- On June 16, Toronto Mayor, Art Eggleton, issued a statement that this was the" Rhythmic Gymnastics and Koop Cup Day".
- Senior Elite travelled to Holland and performed at the International Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam
 Kalev also performed at Metro Drug Awareness campaign, at Canada Day celebrations at City Hall, at Caravan and at a Sports Celebrities' Auction for the benefit of the Special Olympics. Also functioned as hostesses at the Blood Donor Clinic.

 Kalev 's Clare McFarquhar qualified for the Olympic training pool
Mississauga Newnorth was founded (now independent) 
- The Children's Elite took part in a Danish Gymnaestrada and entertained at the banquet. Also at the kick off of Leukemia Awareness Month.
- The Senior Elite performed at the World Estonian Festival '92 in Nyew York City, and on Canary Islands, Spain
 Kalev gymnasts also participated as hostesses at the Mayor's Blood Bank at City Hall and performed in the "Canada 125" Celebrations at City Hall and Queen's Park, the Parents' Show at the Metro Convention Centre; at Christmas Around the World" at North York Civic Centre; at Vanier Cup at the Skydome and at the Inauguration ofthe "Studio District" area of Toronto

 Kalev gymnasts performed at the opening ceremonies of the Track and Field World Championships at the Skydome (televised to 90 countries); at the World Wrestling Championships at the Varsity Arena; at the National RSG Championships in Vancouver, B.C.; at the first Provincial Gymnaestrada in Toronto; at the Royal York Hotel for the Duke of Edinburgh; at the O'Keefe Centre for the Mary Kay Convention; at CNE; at the National Championships in Vancouver; at an NFL exhibition game at the Skydome; at the International Conference of the Local Authorities under the Hague Convention on Children, and at the Parents' Show, both at the Metro Convention Centre
 Kalev 's Junior Group won gold at the Nationals

- Rhythmic Elite Centre and Mississauga Newnorth got their own facilities, in Thornhill and Mississauga, respectively
- The Senior Elite participated in performances at the 50th anniversary celebrations in Tallinn, Estonia, and also in Finland
- The Junior Elite performed at the artistic gymnastics Provincial Championships in Toronto, at a Maple Leaf's game at the Skydome during the playoffs, at the National Gymnaestrada in Vancouver, BC, the Parents' Show at the Convention Centre, and the Christmas Craft Show at the Skydome

Kalev 's Jenni McGuire became British NationalChampion and went to the Worlds
- The Senior Elite participated in the 10th World Gymnaestradain Berlin, Germany
York Rhythmics relocated to a gym of their own in Markham
- "The Rhythmic Expressions ", a rhythmic dance company, was created by Evelyn Koop

Kalev's Camille Martens, Senior National Champion, represented Canada at the Olympic Games in Atlanta
Kalev's Emilie Livingston became Junior National Champion
Kalev's Senior Group became Provincial Champions
Kalev gymnasts performed at ESTO 96 in Sweden and Estonia

Kalev Sportive 's Emilie Livingston retained her status as Junior National Champion
Kalev Sportive 's Junior group got a bronze medal and the Novice group silver at the Group Nationals
- The Senior Elite performed on the Canary Islands, Spain, and at the Sports Hall of Fame in Toronto
- Senior Elite won Silver medals at the first Provincial Rhythmics Performance Group competition
- A group of six Kalev gymnasts visited Cape Town, South Africa, where they competed and performed.

KalevSportive 's Mary Sanders became Junior National Champion
Kalev Sportive 's Novice Group won silver at the Group Nationals. 
- An RG group from Cape Town, South Africa, visited Toronto, hosted by Kalev .They competed at the Kalev Group competition and performed in several places in and around the GTA

Kalev Sportive 's Irina Funtikova became Canadian Junior National Champion
Kalev Sportive 's Novice Group became Canadian National Champions. Our Junior Group took silver in their class
- One elite group participated in the 11th World Gymnaestrada in Sweden and was chosen as the Canadian representative at the FIG Gala.

Kalev gymnasts performed at the ESTO 2000 "Festival of Lights" at MacMillan Theatre and at the Molson Amphitheatre. Producer for the events was Evelyn Koop. 
- Emilie Livingston placed 18th at the Olympics. 
Kalev Sportive 's Junior Group were the National Champions.

- At the Nationals, Kalev qualified as Canada's best club to represent the country at the Aeon Cup, Japan. 
- Koop Cup 2001 was held, and the 50th anniversary of RG in Canada and of Evelyn Koop and Kalev was celebrated at the Metro Convention Centre. CBC broadcast a 90 minute program from the event. 
- One group competed at the second World Championships in Aesthetic Gymnastics and placed 13th, best of all non-European countries.
Kalev gymnasts performed at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, on July 1. 
- Two Kalev gymnasts (Irina Funtikova and Emilie Livingston) represented Canada at the World Championship in Madrid, Spain.

- Irina Funtikova and the Kalev Junior Group represented Canada at the Four Continents' Championship in Brazil. Canada won the team competition.
- Emilie Livingston and Irina Funtikova performed at the Sony International Convention in Toronto.
Kalev gymnasts performed at the Baltic States Independence Day celebrations, at Markham Sports Day, at Junior Board of Trade, at the National Gymnaestrada in New Brunswick and at the Avon Convention.
- Kalev's (and Canada's) top AGG group, Rhythmic Expressions, competed at the third World Championships in Aesthetic Gymnastics in Prague, Czech Republic, placing 9th.
- The Rhythmic Expressions opened a convention at the Harbourcastle Hotel
- The ExpressionsSenior Elite and other Kalev gymnasts performed at the Skydome for "First Night".

- The Expressions participated in the annual international competition, Miss Valentine, in Estonia, placing 7th in the finals.
- They also performed at the Marriott Hotel at a "Father Daughter Dance", at the London Club, at Royal York Hotel as part of a fundraiser for the General and Western Hospitals.
- The Senior Elite performed at the Thornhill Festival
- The Expressions competed at the AGG World Championships in Graz, Austria and placed 9th, best of all non-European teams.
- The Senior Elite and the Expressions performed at the 12th World Gymnaestrada in Lisbon, Portugal. The latter, Kalev's AGG group, also represented Canada at the FIG Gala on this occasion.
- The Expressions taped three performances for a TV Variety Show
(on Toronto 1 channel, starting in January 2004).
- The Expressions performed at the Architectural Ball at the U of T's Hart House in November, at the Toronto Convention Centre and, in December, at the Art Gallery of Ontario and "First Night" at the Skydome on New Year's Eve.
- Kalev's Novice group were the champions.

- The Junior "Expressions" performed at the Toronto Convention Centre
- The "Expressions" taped three performances for a Variety Show in January on the Toronto 1 TV channel. 
Kalev's Junior AGG team competed at Junior Tournament, Spring Breeze, Tallinn, Estonia and placed 10th. They also made the finals.
- Kalev's Senior and Junior National Aesthetic Teams performed at an arts festival in April in the United States. 
- All of Kalev's AGG teams joined to perform at the Metro Toronto Police Games on May 2.
- The Expressions performed May 24 at the Hersey Centre, Mississauga, where Evelyn Koop was a guest of honour at the National Championships and Gala in Artistic Gymnastics.
- In June, the Junior Expressions performed at celebrations for the European Union. 
- Several of Kalev's AGG teams competed at "Red Ribbon" where the Rhythmic Expressions won gold in the International Level.
- The Rhythmic Expressions competed at "AGG World Wide", Sofia, Bulgaria and placed 10th of 28 teams from 19 countries!

- All Kalev performers competed at our annual AGG competition, "the Kalev Cup"
- The "Expressions" gave a 40 minute performance at an Art Show in Vancouver, B.C.
- A Kalev AGG group made the finals in a Dance Competition in Toronto. 
- The "Expressions" competed at the 6th AGG World Championships in Denmark and placed 7th in the general competition, 8th in the finals. 
- The "Junior Expressions" competed at the first AGG Worlds for Juniors in the Czech Republic and reached the finals.
- Kalev's National Novice group were the champions

- In February, Evelyn Koop received a presidential award, a medal from the President of Estonia, honouring her work within the sport.
- At Gymnastics Canada's Annual Awards Banquet, she also received the Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Award, now renamed in her honour to "Evelyn Koop Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Award".
- Kalev's Provincial Novice and Pre-Nvice groups became the champions and the National Junior and Novice groups were the National champions.
- Kalev sent two teams to the Junior AGG World Championships in Estonia and one of the teams reached the finals. One Senior team competed at the AGG Worlds om Finland and at the World Cup IV, where they placed 6rh.
- Performed at the Royal Canadian Mint project with Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation event on March 31, 2006.
- RG Junior group were the first ever Gold Medalist at the Pan Am Championships

- The "Senior Expressions" competed at the AGG Worlds in May, the only Canadian team, and also at the AGG World Cup II.
- Kalev's Junior, Novice and Pre-Novice groups were the National Champions.
- Kalev was, again, asked to represent Canada at the FIG Gala of the World Gymnaestrada, which took place in Austria in July
- Kalev performers and competitors performed for the Estonian President at Estonia House

- Kalev, together with Ritmika, hosted the AGG World Championships 2008 and the Expressions competed with two teams. The A team reached the finals!
- Kalev AGG teams also competed at three of the World Cup event
- Kalev's Novice, and Junior groups became the National Champions.
- Mariam Chamilova was the National Junior champions.
- Expressions performed at a General Motors celebration in September, at the Bell Gala at Sick Kids' in October, both at the Toronto Convention Centre, and at a Fashion Show at the Sheraton Hotel in November.
Kalev individual and group gymnasts participated in an international summer camp in Spain with special guest Bulgarian coaches

- Rhythmic Expressions and Kalev soloists performed at Estonian House at a Veterans' Day celebration, at the opening of the WuShu World Championships and at the Special Olympics Festival in Toronto.
- Mariam Chamilova was the 1st ranked Junior in Canada.
- Kalev's Senior, Junior and Novice groups were the National champions. The Junior group was also the Junior Pan-American champion!
- Kalev Senior RG Group went to the World Cup in Belarus and Italy, and competed in the World Championships in Mie, Japan
Kalev individual and group gymnasts participated in an international summer camp in Spain with Spainish and Bulgarian coaches 

- Rhythmic Expressions performed at the "Dragon Ball", celebrating the Chinese New Year, at the Toronto Convention Centre.
- They also performed at the Elite Canada event, hosted by Kalev.
- Kalev's Junior 4 and 5 groups won Elite Canada and the National championships, as did the Senior group (which reached the finals at Thiais, France).
- At the Pan-American Championships, The Senior National team, consisting mainly of Kalev gymnasts won three gold medals: for each routine plus the overall medal! Through this, they qualified for next year's Pan-American Games. And Kalev's Mariam C was the top Canadian at the event, winning a bronze medal in the Hoop final. 
- Kalev's Junior Group won bronze at the Youth Olympics in Singapore.
- Kalev AGG competed in Barcelona, Spain
- Kalev  Senior Group went to World Cup in Belarus, Italy, and France as well as the World Championships in Moscow, Russia 

- Kalev celebrated 60 years of its existence and of RG in Canada with a new edition of the Koop Cup. Competition and Gala took place at the John Bassett Theatre of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
- Kalev gymnasts performed at Estonian House in January.
- Kalev gymnasts, Mariam Chamilova and Patricia Bezzoubenko, were given the titles of "Athlete of the Year" and "Junior Athlete of the Year" on the same occasion.
- Canadian RG Senior Group were Silver Medalist all around at Pan Am games
- Kalev Senior RG Team also competed at World Cups in the Ukraine, Italy, and Belarus and the World Championships in France
- The "Rhythmic Expressions" performed at Casino Rama in March.
- "Canadiana" performed at a Toronto school and several of our gymnasts demonstrated RG in high-schools.
- In July, members of the "Northern Lights" performed at Dundas Square.
- Kalev's Senior Group, which is also the Canadian National Group, placed ahead of the groups from the US and Brazil at the Worlds and will, therefore, represent the Americas at the Olympics in London next year.
- In October, Senior and Junior athletes from Kalev performed at a Cooking show at the Toronto Convention Centre.
- The "Northern Lights" placed 12th of 23 teams from around the world at the final Challenge Cup in Moscow in November.
- Our Estonian gymnasts performed at "Christmas Around the World" at City Hall in December.
- Kalev gymnasts Dora Yudeikin and Aleksandra Yurevich performed at Mount Sinai in an "Orlando Production".
- Kalev AGG competed at the World Championships in Vigo, Spain

- The FIG draw for rhythmic gymnastics participants in the 2012 Olympics took place in February and confirmed that Kalev's Senior group will start as #2 with their ball routine on August 9 in the Wembley Arena in London, UK! 
- Kalev's Senior Group as well as Kalev's Junior Group were confirmed as Canada's National Groups at the Nationals, and Patricia Bezzoubenko was the Junior National Champions again.
- The "Rhythmic Expressions" placed 7th in the finals of the AGG World Championships.
The Kalev Senior group, the first Canadian RG group ever to participate in the Olympic games, placed 11th at the London Olympics.
- The Kalev Junior group got bronze overall and silver for their ball routine at the Junior Pan American Championships in Cordoba, Argentina. In the same competition, our Junior Patricia Bezzobenko became the Junior Pan American champion.
- Kalev got the "Club of the Year" Award from Gymnastics Ontario.
- AGG team competed at the World Championships in Cartagena, Spain
- Kalev Gymnasts competed at the World Cup Bulgaria
- AGG Gymnasts represented Canada in 2012 in Austria

- Kalev's Senior, Patricia B, was 1st at Elite Canada and at the Nationals and was awarded "Athlete of the Year".
- Evelyn Koop received a "Life Membership" from Gymnastics Canada and was named Honorary Member of IFAGG because "she is one of the founding members of IFAGG and has promoted AGG since she began develop the sport in Canada in the 1950s".
- In June, the two senior AGG teams and the Alumnae Elite performed at the Ontario Gymnaestrada.
- In July, the "Rhythmic Expressions" participated in the second "Gym for Life" Challenge in Cape Town, South Africa, and brought home a silver medal.
- Kalev performed at the Estonian House at their Christmas Holiday celebration.
- AGG competed at the 2013 World Championships in Lahti, Finland
- AGG team competed at the 2013 World Cup in Barcelona, Spain

- AGG teams performed at a Raptors' game and the Junior RG group at the convention centre in January.
- Gave two shows at Roy Thomson Hall in February, performing with the Toronto Symphony
- May 2 - 3, Kalev hosted two international competitions: Koop Cup 2014, where the Canadian Junior group, with four Kalev gymnasts, won gold; and the very first Four Continents AGG Championships, with more than 150 athletes from around the world. Here Kalev groups won gold in all categories: Masters, Seniors, Juniors and two child levels (8-10 and 10-12 year olds).
- Kalev's Patricia Bezzoubenko, became the Senior National Champions, and the Senior and Junior groups, consisting mostly of Kalev gymnasts, became the National groups.
- By winning the Junior Pan-Am Games the Junior group became the Canadian representative to the Youth Olympics in China.
- Kalev gymnasts performed at two pre-PanAm events in Markham in the fall.
- AGG team competed at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia
- AGG team competed at the World Cup in Sofia, Bulgaria
- Kalev Gymnasts performed at the Canada Day celebrations at Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada

- AGG team competed at the World Championship at the Faroe Islands
- Kalev hosted the 2015 Koop Cup
- Kalev Gymnasts competed at Elite Ontario, Elite Canada, and the National Championships competition
- AGG placed 7th at the World Cup in Budapest, Hungary
- Kalev Gymnasts performed at the Canada Day celebrations at Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada
- Kalev RG Gymnasts performed at the Imperial Ball "Arts in Motion" at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel
- RG Gymnasts participated in the opening of Markham Pan Am building before Pan Am games
- 2nd Four Continents Championships in Nagano, Japan - three Kalev teams and individual RG gymnasts competed
- Kalev group and individual gymnasts competed  at the Elite Canada competition in Winnipeg
- RG Group and individuals competed at the Miss Valentine competition in Estonia

- AGG team competed at the World Championships in Brno, Czech Republic
- AGG group went to Hungary
- Kalev hosted the 2016 Koop Cup - 12 countries participated
- Kalev gymnasts competed in the Elite Ontario Competition as well as the Elite Canada competition in Vancouver
- Gymnasts from Kalev  competed at the Canadian Nationals in Manitoba
- The Mayor of Markham honoured Evelyn Koop and Gymnasts with an award for Community Development
- Kalev Individuals went to Chicago for competition
- Kalev individuals competed in the RG World Championships in Germany
- Kalev gymnasts participated in invitational competitions in Quebec
- Kalev Gymnasts performed at the Canada Day celebrations at Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada

- Junior Clubs Group and Individuals competed in Tartu, Estonia
- Kalev girls participated in the Elite Canada Competition
- Gymnasts competed at the Elite Ontario Competition
- Kalev hosted the Kalev Cup
- Kalev gymnasts competed in Eastern Regional to qualify for Nationals
- AGG team competed at the World Cup in Denmark
- Individual gymnasts competed in Spain, Estonia, and Hungary
- Kalev hosted the 2017 International Koop Cup